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A Catechist's Reflection
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Monday  June 18, 2001 

Into the silence
God speaks; Christ comes; Spirit moves.
We are together. 

To pray is to sing,
Proclaim, adore, be silent.
We meet at table. 

Paten, chalice, cross,
The altar is beautiful.
Jesus is the light. 

Jesus’ bread and wine
Are holy, blessed, special;
They have their own house. 

God’s Word is holy.
We read it with candles lit.
Listen to God speak. 

Tuesday  June 19, 2001 

Look at our ‘practical life?
’Is it practical? Is it life?
Holding all the seeds of promise
Yet dismissed as sad distraction. 

“Not fair!,” says Practical Life.
I am your way to the holy.
Prayer, I lead to you.
Truth, I contain you.
Hope with joy flows from me,
Believe it, and enjoy. 

Work hard to watch, however.
Watch, for I reveal God.
From dust to dishes,
Polish to plants,
Beautiful folding,
Exquisite rolling,
Unfold, unroll, and see;
See in me the toil of life
Then watch me lead you
In the dance. 

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